19.09.2022 to 17.09.2023 daily 07:30 to 21:00

Location Chur Tennis Club, Felsenaustrasse 55

Indoor courts can now also be reserved over the winter!

Information about the opening of the courts on the homepage TC Chur
Description Rental of a tennis court at TC Chur for 1 hour each (60 min. playing time) singles or doubles.
Instructor ohne Kursleitung/ without course management
Equipment Sportswear, tennis shoes, tennis rackets incl. balls.
Tennis rackets can be rented at the restaurant (opening hours see at cost price.
Registration Text 1. Please reserve through this
Tennis Club Chur's online reservation system / Platzreservation their place. When making your first reservation, you have to register once. Please enter FHGR for the company. In addition, the student email address (FHGR, PHGR or Supsi) or school email address (FHGR, PHGR) must be used for registration. After the first registration you can make reservations with your username and password. As a second player, please select Guest Player Adult or the appropriate name.
2. Payment is made on site by scanning the TWINT QR code Tennis Club Chur with the name FHGR. The QR code is located by the safe. From October 2023, the amount can be paid directly online via TWINT during the booking process.

3. The desired time can be reserved up to 4 days in advance. However, the same person is not allowed to make multiple reservations within the 4 days. (Reserve-play-reserve again). It is possible to make a spontaneous reservation at any time 30 minutes before the start of a lesson, provided that the place is free.
Reserved and non-cancelled pitches will be charged, so be sure to cancel unused pitches or in the event

12 CHF

Only for holders of the FHGR Sportabo and the personal Student Card or Identification Card

Other Important: At the beginning, please register via QR Code FHGR.
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

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